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Format: 2020-01-28
Format: 2020-01-28
Format: 2020-01-28
Le Creme Milamo @ Gubei
Le Creme Milano represents the top of the fresh, handmade, high quality Italian Gelato. Made onsite using local seasonal fruits and quality Italian-imported ingredients, Le Creme Milano is a guilt-...
Le Creme Milamo @ Shaanxi Nan Lu
SHANXI Le Creme Milano opened its first flagship store in July 2008 in one of the most lively and busy street of Shanghai. Made on site, fresh, light and guilt-free, the Gelato of Le Creme Milano...
Le Creme Milamo @ Fumin Lu
FUMIN The second delightful Gelato branch of Le Creme Milano is located in another main and lively expact area of Shanghai. Real hand-made and high quality Italian Gelato mixed with a lovely smiling...
"Le Creme Milano" is a fashion brand created by an Italian team in 2008 with the aim of bringing the concept and the taste of traditional handmade Italian Gelato in China. Made on site, using local...