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 Ferrarelle, Italy’s n.1 sparkling water, with its natural effervescence, is truly one of a kind and is able to bring the real Italian taste to the finest tables worldwide. Distributed in more that 40 countries around the world, it is an icon of the “made in Italy” taste, the first choise of the finest restaurants thanks to its absolute quality and unmistakable personality.


Ferrarelle’s reputation has gone from strength to strength throughout the centuries. Horace and Cicero were already familiar with it back in thr 1st century BC, while Piny the Elden praised its flavour and freshness. 1893 was a milestone year for Ferrarelle, with the construction of its first bottling plant. Soon the Ferrarelle brand become an icon of Italy culture: one of Italy’s most famous advertisements is the classic the Ferrarelle/Mona Lisa visual. For over 100 years Ferrarelle has been a leader in international cusine. A brand that always expresses itself with innovation and originality.


Ferrarelle gushes from the Sorgenti di Riardo natural park, close to Naples, in the south of Italy.  A pristine area of volcanic origin, Ferrarelle has created and carefully reserves a 150-hectare protected oasis. Thanks to a 10-years journey through the rocks that has enriched the water with precision elements as well as its unique sparkle, Ferrarelle is the perfect gift from nature. Ferrarelle’s signature sparkle gives you a distinctive yet subtle taste thanks to its fine and numerous bubbles. A perfect balance that no other mineral water can offer.


Ferrarelle has always been the Italian sparkling water par excellence. Now it is also the first and only water that can boast natural sparkling certification. Thanks to 615 tests made every day, Ferrarelle can assure a unique taste, perfect down to the last drop. This certification testifies that its inimitable sparkle is 100% natural and assure that Ferrarelle water is untouched from the spring to the table.


The origin of Ferrarelle gives the water a unique and particular flavour profile. The natural effervescence produces a rich and fine perlage quite similar to the texture of champagne. The taste of Ferrarelle is full, rich and savoury with subtle tones and a distinctive roundness. Its sparkle is delicate and gentle, easy on the palate and in perfect harmony with its dissolved minerals.


Ferrarelle and high cusine are a perfect symphony of flavours because water is a background melody which accompanies food in an inconspicuous yet evident manner. To bring out the flavour and derive the most pleasure from each dish, the finest chefs are attaching more and more importance to the selection of the right water for each menu. Ferrarelle brings to the table a particularly versatile water, which can successfully accompany first courses as well as poultry, shellfish and cheese dishes. Together with pizza, a work of art of italian cusine, it creates the perfect combination for an unparalleled tasting experience.



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