"Gelato" Shop

Le Creme Milamo @ Fumin Lu



The second delightful Gelato branch of Le Creme Milano is located in another main and lively expact area of Shanghai. Real hand-made and high quality Italian Gelato mixed with a lovely smiling service, make this place a second home for everybody. 


The shop boasts many indoor seats and tables for ac fans but it also has an outside bench for those who want to take under control the animated street life of Shanghai. Same Gelato, same hospitality and same warm Italian atmosphere, in Fumin Store you can find every day a selection of 12 flavors with one new specialty every week to taste.


Free samples of Gelato will be offered to any customers who haven’t figured out yet what their taste buds craves the most. Moreover, for those who need extra portion of Gelato and want to enjoy it in the comfort and warmth of their home or are looking for a nice but diverse gift to bring at a friend’s place dinner, Fumin Store provides take away box available in three different sizes. 

Address: 173 Fumin Rd, near Julu Rd


Phone:+86 (21) 5403.3918
Mon – Sun 12,00-23,30