"Call me when you arrive that I come to get you!" Is the recommendation of Fabrizio Pizzioli for the appointment that we have at Il Nascondiglio.

Find the number on Xiangyang Lu is not difficult, and ,although there are no signs of the restaurant ,I go into a very dated Shanghainese home.
But I get lost in a maze of stairways and corridors. I call him ...

Il Nascondiglio is located here, in an apartment lined with red wood in a large house of '900.
It is now divided into several apartments, but time ago only one family lived there, it seems even the one of Chiang Kai-shek, "... so they say," says Fabrizio, and why not, it would seem so ...
It is one o'clock in the afternoon, a Chinese girl is grappling with the handle of a new Italian machine for handmade pasta, she is preparing  ravioli and they  look good!
"She is at the first day of work, but she learns quickly." In the middle of the room there is a long table, fireplace and piano at the sides.

Outside , the Shanghai of the early afternoon reminds us its chaos, but we ignore it soon,isolated in an environment of almost a century before.
Opened from January 2011, Il Nascondiglio  is a home-restaurant, a new formula that is taking off in Shanghai. "We open three days a week," says Fabrizio, "and we are always full."

"But how does it work: I ask," a person comes and takes a seat? Not really, there is a single table of a dozen seats, you can come in a group but even alone or in pairs and take place together with other customer. "it is a good way to make relationships and entertain", in fact the concept of Il Nascondiglio breaks the mold of a classic restaurant, here the customer come to spend a different evening, with new people and if you are not in a group it becomes a blind date.

Booking is required, first of all for the limited seats, second because the menus are prepared in advance, on request. "Every night is different," said Fabrizio, I propose the dishes and the customers choose, everything is very informal. "
In the meantime, he lets us taste some delicious sandwiches of salt cod 'creamed resulted from a recent trip to Italy, accompanied by good red wine of the house. “What kind of people come to the Nascondiglio? "”There is not a specific type, each time is different: young and old, even businessmen in suits and ties come and after a while they are without shoes and shirt sleeves. In short,  small parties where the important thing is to feel at ease, as if you went to dinner at  friends house.

Here are the prices: about 250 yuan each for a menu that includes two or three appetizers such as octopus carpaccio, codfish whipped,  shrimp with Colonnata lard, then the main course, usually ravioli or lasagna and a second course of fish. "I try to make more fish dishes, first of all because I am from Trieste, second  because in  Shanghai  you can find it fresh and affordable.However the cuisine we make is  from  Triveneto, for a good part Venetian. Who comes to Il Nascondiglio also find prosecco as aperitif, grappa, and Illy coffee made with a giant  12 cups moka . I understand that the specialties  of the day are the ravioli, Fabrizio prepares two plates of it with fish, excellent!

He shows me a box with a weird name and  logo (gato-mato) that takes from the freezer, "there is also a supermarket asking them online, but we also sell them on request from the website."

Il Nascondiglio
The Venetian Private Dinner, Shanghai
Address:on request, anyway in French Concession…
Open: Thu-Fri-Sat
Owner: Fabrizio pizzioli Phone: (021) 34612036
Reservations: Fabrizio (English) 13166014282

Ting (Chinese) 13122316425