Scialletti Winery


The marvelous Villa Scialletti with its gorgeous garden and impressive 19th century architecture is the second most visible expression of the success of the Scialletti family - after the Sammarco wines themselves. Vincenzo Scialletti, whose signature is on every Sammarco label, was the founder and responsible for the wine's early fame.


A charismatic figure, Vincenzo was an agricultural scholar whose researches and studies brought him to the attention of the first Minister of Agriculture, after the unification of Italy in 19th century. He became an outstanding person in the agriculture area in Abruzzo, and he can be considered the founder of the modern approach to agriculture in Abruzzo, especially related to wines and viticulture techniques.


A true visionary, Vincenzo planted a ten-hectare vineyard at Cologna Paese – Roseto degli Abruzzi(Teramo) in the early 1900s using the french system called "ad alberello" with selected and well-studied grapes. When downy mildew attacked the majority of rootstock in vineyards all over Italy in 1921, Vincenzo Scialletti was in the forefront of the research to eradicate this problem from the vineyards. He was joined in this common goal with other great Italian winemaking families including Antinori and Ruffino of Tuscany and Rossi, Martini and Cora of Piedmont.


When Vincenzo died in 1926, his son “Don” Antonio took the control of the estate and embraced the family's winemaking business. He lived 90 years, guiding the Scialletti winery through World War II and into the modern era of wine production and marketing, starting the commercialization of Sammarco and Montepulciano Today dr. Vincenzo Scialletti (son of the late “Don” Antonio) is the Honorary Chairman, and his son Antonio .Scialletti is travelling allover the world to share the Scialletti top wines with people who could appreciate this ancient and noble winery.


Entering in the third century with the 5th generation , the winery of Scialletti is still owned by family members while master oenologist Giulio Silvestri oversees production for the remarkable Scialletti quality wines. With over 25 years of winemaking expertise, Giulio is extremely keen in maintaining very high standards for Scialletti Wines and he will only produce the Sammarco wines in superlative vintage years. This commitment guarantees Scialletti wines of outstanding quality.


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