Il IV Miglio


"Il IV Miglio" is a wine farm that since many generations of owners focuses its activity on product's quality in a geographic area that since thousand of years is the cradle of an excellent wine, as evidenced by the ancient Romans that created on Phlegraean wine a parameter of enological nobility. The estate has some crucial factors by its side: tradition, land, innovation, work team. First of all tradition, as without steady roots the land does not give any present. So we found the deep link with the land and its natural cycles; the Verde family since many generations got a deep knowledge in land's wine growing.


The Phlegraean fields, a land, an open archaeological museum; spread among extinct craters and fields in a sweet and various landscape, through the underlying magma gives fertility to the land and vivacity to the wine, all supported by the climate's mildness. Ideal place for wine growing. The farm's trade-name derives by a mile stone, as the wording "ad quartum" "IV Miglio" representing the "Fourth Roman Mile" between the city of Pozzuoli and the modern city of Quarto, along the layout of the ancient "Consular Campana Roman road joining Pozzuoli and Capua.


The wine trademark was created on 2004 to shed the extraordinary productions of wine yards grown on "piede franco" according to an ancient Greek tradition. Strictly joined to the historical and familiar inheritance are the sector science and studies transformed in the various activities performed in the cellars, where have been introduced modern equipments and technologies. It is the desire of innovation that generates ferment inside the company, a continuous creative motion, a kinetics able to produce a tendency product.


The farm owner and producer, Ciro Verde, has at his side a skilled professional team that uphold the farm's choices. The wine cellar has been built up on nineties and due to the persevering work and devotion we are presently facing a phase of architectural restructuring of the winemaking department and of the barrel vaults. By these interventions we shall get a further improvement in terms of quality.

Currently the wine cellar is divided in:

•  a winemaking department.

•  storage department with stainless inox containers with thermoregulation.

•  an in bottle refining department.

•  an in French oak tonneaux refining department.


Vinification: having devoted care and passion to the vineyards it arrives the moment of the wine cellar's work, period in which with its experience and skill the farm enhances grapes' collected features. The farm does not adopt a standard method, trying to make to measure each winemaking program. The cellar is split in areas dedicated to the different winemaking's stages, as white winemaking, for white grapes, and red winemaking, for red grapes.