Crissante Alessandria


In 1958 Crissante Alessandria, wine grower's son, decided to make wine in his cellar using the grapes from his vineyards, grapes which until then have been sold to major historical wineries of the Langhe. So begins the history of the winery Crissante Alessandria. The origin of Crissante Alessandria's wines is the noble Lands of Langa.


The beautiful rolling hills are the perfect natural surroundings of autochthonous grape varieties such as nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, whose quality and uniqueness have grown over the centuries. Every vintage is unique at each passing seasons. Aroma and taste change and evolve. Each single vintage has a unique personality to provide unique emotions.


And the importance of the man, the family has worked hard on this land every single day, generation after generation and with passion to produce great, high quality wines. Even today, the company Crissante Alessandria, is a typical family company, owning about 6 acres of vineyards, making wines exclusively with owned grapes, and sells its own wines as well as in Italy, in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, England, United States and China.