Castello di Gabiano


The (Castle of Gabiano) "Castello di Gabiano" , situated in the Piedmont Region of north-west of ltaly in dominant position on the Po Valley, has a rich history dating back thousands of years.As early as the 8th century there is mention of a "cortem magnam nominam Gabianam".


Right from the inception the site was considered extremely important for its strategic and economic setting and the fortification was contended by the Montiglio and Gonzaga families and the duke Ferdinando of Mantova. Duke Ferdinando eventually ceded the property in 1622 and with the title passed on to the Genovese Agostino Durazzo Pallavicini.


The Marquises Cattaneo Adorno Giustiniani are engaged in an intense wine production and are above all committed to quality: the estate covers 260 hectares, of which 20 are destined to vineyards. The commune's archives of the XIIIth century already mention the quality of the grapes and the wine production of Gabiano. This long lasting tradition is today updated with the current oenological technology, so to obtain the international acknowledgement for uniqueness and prestige.


Here is where one of the oldest and smallest DOC in Italy is beholded: the Gabiano Reserve "A Matilde Giustiniani" made from the best grapes of Barbera, is grown in an historic vineyard which the princess herself had laid out.