Winery CA' LUNGA


Cà Lunga


The company, founded in 1961, is now in its third generation. Paolo Cassetta is the current owner and with the invaluable advice of his father and grandfather, the professionalism of the agronomist and oenologist, has decided to implement a modernization plan of the company, starting with an accurate study of the vineyards pedo-climatic characteristics.


The 12 acres of vines have an intense but low production. The types of vines have been selected to suit the type of soils and climate at best. A deeper search has been carried out on the sangiovese grape variety, that the company decided to promote.


This passion and personal involvement, together with the best technologies, led to maximize the quality and value of Ca' Lunga's wines. The wood barrel is used only to enhance the characteristics of the company's most important wines and don't want to be the prevalent element, but only improvement.


The Cassetta family has not forgotten that the best teacher is the tradition, which teaches us to pay attention to all stages of product life, from the tree to the bottle. The hand of the man is irreplaceable and thus still pruning, thinning, the harvest and final steps of production are made by hand. Ca ' Lunga wants to give birth to a new philosophy of wine. The aim is to produce exclusive wines as well as unique are its amateurs: people whoappreciate the refined, balanced and fruity taste of Ca' Lunga wines. All features that can transmit  pleasantness.