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Enjoy the taste of Viola Handcrafted Beer


“I started the BIRRA ARDUINI Craft Brewery because I wanted to express myself, creating a product that could tell a little of my story.”

——Maurizio Arduini


Located in Cattolica north of Italy, Viola was born with passion, devotion, creativity & focus on details in 2010.
Viola is a shared family passion, a juicy essence of your very personal unique moment, an Italian touch of brewing pot. Its premium beer with a famously crisp and refreshing taste, have been enjoyed by our stylish and contemporary, yet selective beer-loving consumers. We've been brewing, innovating and delighting the world's beer drinkers.



Our portfolio has three distinguished taste, each has its unique flavor, one pale lager, one red ale and one pale ale in our iconic bottles and an excellent draft beer can be enjoyed on any occasion.
From our founding families and experts to our master brewers and our sales team, we are a brewing company that passionate about elevate your precious moment by.
With its abundantly suing selected hops choose your type of Viola, have a bold sip of Italian passion and enjoy your very unique and unmistakable moment.



1、Viola Bionda 5.6(75 cl/35.5 cl)淡色拉格啤酒

酒精度Alcool:5.6% Vol
苦味指数Bitterness:IBU 18
色泽度Color:EBC 11
适饮温度Serve cool:+3°C/+5°C

The unmistakable flavor of this premium pale lager comes from the use of several different varieties of spring two-row barley malt (Pilsner, Vienna, Caramel Light) and ten types of hops among which Perle (Germany), Tradition (Germany), Saaz (Czech Republic).
Bottom fermentation, a persistent head of white foam and a dry taste pleasantly complemented by the bitterness of the finest hops make this lager a product for the most demanding connoisseurs.


2、Viola Rossa 6.6(75 cl)琥珀红色艾尔啤酒

酒精度Alcool:6.6% Vol
苦味指数Bitterness:IBU 27
色泽度Color:EBC 40
适饮温度Serve cool:+4°C/+6°C

This top-fermented double-malt red ale is made with several different varieties of spring two-row barley malt (Pilsner, Aromatic, Melanoidin, Wheat) and fourteen types of hops among which Perle (Germany), Tradition (Germany), Saaz (Czech Republic), East Kent Golding (England) e Willamette (USA). With its unmistakable flavor, splendid color tinged with reflections of copper and ruby red and compact head of white foam, this is a beer rich in spicy flavors, warmly caressing the palate and conquering it with a round and persistent finish.


3、Viola Numerotre 6.9(75 cl)金色艾尔啤酒

酒精度Alcool:6.9% Vol
苦味指数Bitterness:IBU 30
色泽度Color:EBC 13.5
适饮温度Serve cool:+4°C/+6°C

Viola numerotre is a bright amber-yellow double-malt ale, refermented in the bottle and made using traditional German hops such as Perle and Mittelfrueher (Germany), and American Cascade hops, giving numerotre an intense yet balanced bitterness. Pilsner, Vienna and Caramel Light malts gives this beer malt and cereal notes, while the intense aroma of flowers and exotic fruit is enhanced by the dry hopping method. The second fermentation in the bottle ensures prise de mousse (formation of a firm white foam), and also the evolution of aromas and flavour over time.