Too busy for drink? Why not having the Aperitivo before dinner?


Too busy for drink? Why not having the Aperitivo before dinner?


Too busy for drink? Why not having the Aperitivo before dinner? That's why Aperitivo still exists.

Everyone knows that Italians really like to chill, talk with friends, meet people, drink and eat at the same time and they always take any excuse to do so, that’s why they created aperitivo.

To enjoy your aperitivo time you can go to cafés that usually serve some snacks (olives, nuts) together with your drink, or do it at home as well, since that Italians always appreciate to have guests at home and offer them some drinks.



But… which drink should I choose for aperitivo?

The classic Italian aperitivo drinks differ by region to region but usually include a mix with Aperol or Campari liquors such as Spritz for example. Drinks should be low in alcohol content and bitter or dry, to softly start your pre-dinner.

What is Spritz?

It is a drink made with sparkling white wine (prosecco), Aperol or Campari and soda, it is very famous especially in the north of Italy.


Other famous aperitivo drinks are… 

Negroni: a mixed drink using Campari, gin, and vermouth.



Americano: similar to the Negroni, but uses Campari, vermouth, and soda instead of gin.



These classic drinks are served in a glass with ice and usually garnished with an orange peel.

Also wine is always a good idea… Red, white, sparkling or still, everyone of those is suitable for enjoying aperitivo.


But aperitivo is not only drinking! 

Actually Italians really do like eating so while tasting their drink they like to eat some snacks as well, but depending on what you are drinking and on what your taste is, there are different things you can eat, the important is to match the right drink to the right food! If during aperitivo you are drinking Spritz or white wine (both sparkling or still) you should eat some dried fruits (nuts, peanuts, almonds), olives, potato chips and some kinds of seasoned bread.



Aperitivo is really appreciated because it deeply follows Italians’ dolce vita concept and the spirit of connection with family and friends.



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