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High Quality Wines Selection


      The company was established in 2008 and started its operations by bringing to Shanghai the wines of the founder, Antonio Scialletti, produced by it’s family winery in Abruzzo – Italy. Today, SPS has a portfolio of 10 wineries and 32 different labels from Italy, including sparkling and sweet wines.


The group deep knowledge of the oenological field is due to the long experience of its staff as wine producers, sommeliers, tasters and passionate. A further qualification of SPS expertise is the tight cooperation with ONAV (Italian Organization of Wine Masters), which is a Government-supported organization that promotes the culture of Italian wines in the world, transmitting the know how about Italian oenological tradition and wine tasting methodology.


The SPS group organizes together with  ONAV formal training classes of Basic and Intermediate level, awarding participants with legally recognized certifications. The philosophy behind the activity is so mainly based on spreading the Italian wine culture and sharing with other amateurs the passion for Italian wonders. For this reason SPS organizes Educational and Leisure Wine tours to have a genuine and original Italian life style experience.


Each wine selected from the SPS group, with the cooperation and approval of ONAV, has some specificities, which make it unique. During the tasting, it instills in your mind colors, scents and flavors of Italy as travelling across the different regions of the peninsula.


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     The founder Mr. Antonio Scialletti can leverage his deep knowledge of the Italian wines and his extended network in Italy to select special high-quality Italian wines to exclusively introduce them to the high-end Chinese wine market.






S.P.S. - High Quality Wines Selection

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