Social media & PR - Communication and Media plan

Social media & PR - Communication and Media plan


Whether you already have a social media team in place or you are building an online community from scratch, our team can provide you with tools and commercial and strategic input to ensure that your social media campaigns are impactful, cost effective and deliver on your social media, advertising and business objectives.


We identify current trends relevant to your business identifying opportunities to engage with existing and potential customers.



   We build it, manage it and send it for you, to reach your contacts in a professional and pleasant way, and spread the voice about your place.


.Press release

   You may think only big brands do it, actually everybody can. Media are eager to receive news also from your venue, provided you do it in the proper way: We edit it in Chinese and English.


.Delivery of press release

   Once written, a press release must be delivered to the right person or department for rising the chances of publication.


.Keeping Media updated: organizing Media Lunch and presentations

   Periodically, we invite a group of selected media, to keep relations good and adjourn them on your venue.


.Periodical reviews and comments report

   To check how your venue is rated and valued in Chinese / English language magazines and websites. Consequently, we may devise actions to be taken to improve reviews.