Seven reasons autumn is the best time to visit Italy


Seven reasons autumn is the best time to visit Italy


It's never a bad time for an Italian holiday, but autumn is when the country really comes into its own. Read on for the top reasons you should book a trip right now.



1. The Colors

Whether it's the autumn sunshine illuminating reddish city buildings, the changing hues of leaves in the countryside, or glistening reflections in one of the country's many amazing lakes, autumn is surely the most beautiful time to spend in Italy. Instagrammers rejoice: no filter needed here!


2. Streets to yourself

Italy is a popular choice for summer holidays, so between May and September the city centers swell with tourists. With autumn finally here you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy having the streets to yourself. You'll also get a more 'authentic' sense of Italy, as most Italians leave the cities during the summer months - meaning many local businesses and eateries close down during peak season too.


3. Food festivals

Autumn means harvest time, and in Italy that means plenty of regional festivals celebrating the local dishes. It's a perfect time to explore nearby towns, with many of them hosting a sagra (food festival) to celebrate - and eat - their truffles, chestnuts, pasta sauce, figs and mushrooms.


4. Wine season

As well as the many food festivals, it's a great time to experience the grape harvesting in one of Italy's 20 wine regions. Or even if you can't make it out to the vineyards, you can visit any one of the many towns and villages that host grape festivals (Sagra dell'uva), and taste world-class Italian wines.

Olive harvesting takes place around the same time, so if you prefer you can also experience the first stage of another Italian specialty: extra virgin olive oil.


5. Head to the beach

The combination of tourists going home and locals deciding it's far too cold for beach weather makes autumn an ideal time for a coastal excursion. No longer will you have to battle for a sunbed or a spot to place your towel, or deal with hiked-up prices for deckchair rental and gelato - you may even find you get the beach to yourself.


6. Autumn weather

After the hot summer, autumn means you can finally go on long walks, sightseeing afternoons and explore all that Italy has to offer without having to stop for a drink of water in a shaded area every few minutes.


7. Culture

Theatres are generally closed in Italy over summer, but the cooler months see theatre and opera seasons kick off again, so even on rainy days you won't get bored.


Well, these are top reasons for visiting Italy in Autumn; if you want to know more about Italy at that time, book you own flight and start journey now!



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