NihaoItaly wish you a Happy New Year!


NihaoItaly wish you a Happy New Year!



New Year is coming, and what will be your way to embrace it? In Italy, people have some interesting traditions. Let’s see together.


Italians are fortune seekers and lucky charms lovers, especially in New Year’s Eve, or Capodanno. Since this festival represents the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, they usually like to do some rituals during this festival in order to bring good luck for the following year.


Pork and lentils


Actually lentils are a symbol of good luck and prosperity because they resemble tiny coins; while pork, for its rich fact content, represents wealth and prosperity. Lentils and Cotechino, a large pork sausage, are always eaten together, and this is the most popular dish during New Year’s Eve dinner. 




Keeping doors and windows open


It may sounds crazy, as we are talking about January, and it's pretty much freezing everywhere in Italy; however, this is actually a pretty common habit for Italians: they open the door to let the good spirits in, and with the windows open, bad lucks will be away from your house.


Kissing under the mistletoe


That's a Christmas tradition for couples all over the world, but in Italy, they like to do it on New Year's Eve. Mistletoe has been known for centuries associated to fertility and love: for this reason, kissing under the mistletoe on New Year's Eve may create chances for people to find their own love.


Wearing red underwear


In Roman times, red color was associated with war and bloodshed, but wearing it was a common manner to exorcise the fear of both. In a way, they still do it for the same reason: keeping a red undergarment with you in New Year's Eve, can help fend off evil and negativity, so that you can have a good start in the new year. It is important to remember that the red underwear must be brand new and has to come to you as a gift, if you buy it for yourself, you are cheating.


Of course, what Italians mostly like about celebrating New Year’s Eve is that they usually organize a huge dinner (called in Italian cenone di Capodanno) with family and friends, which is usually followed by a party.




NihaoItaly wish you a happy new year, and hope you will always enjoy the elegant Italian Style with NihaoItaly and NihaoItaly E-Store!


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