Negroamaro - Sangue Blu - IGT "TORRE QUARTO"


My name is Francesco Maffei, born in the south east side of Italy where hills, valleys and sea cherish thousands of hectares of olive trees and vineyards, my Land is Puglia. My studies in Economics and International Trade led me in China six years ago and here I am to challenge the world bringing that Italian emotion that make us unique. Since I started Business in China I learnt that there are different  ways to enter a market with success but the most difficult strategy is rewriting the rules through innovation, intuition and vision. Testing new modes of consumption, designing new products, create value, innovating sales channels and communication; challenge the order and never hesitate to go forward! 


NEGROAMARO I.G.T. 2008, SANGUE BLU (Blue Blood),  "TORRE QUARTO" Winery.

Wine as a picture, “impression” of environment contexts, land, air and sea.   
A dense network of paths, of red earth and stones, spreads among the green vineyards, like arteries crossed by wagons of red grapes, like trunk and branches of a green bush – VINE, like foot prints left by thousands of generations of peasant. Routes of earth and stones, journals of wine stories, windows on our vineyards, flavors of Puglia.

Grape: Negroamaro 100%.


Production Area: Indigenous wine from Puglia Region, grows up between the breezes and magic of two seas, Adriatic and Ionian sea, a unique terroir!.


Tasting Notes: Intense ruby red color, spicy notes, fruity with flavors of plums and wild-cherry. Lovely bitter black cherry finish. Smooth tannin and fresh acidity. Full and complex bouquet with a great ageing potential. Perfect balance and harmony to match the peculiarity of the  chine se cuisine based on Tao philosophy of contrasts between spicy, bitter, salty and sweet. Alcohol cont. 13.5%, serving temperature: 18° C. 

Pairings: Experts will say ideal with flavorful dishes such as red meat, tasty sauces, cured pork, cheese and pasta. We  suggest “impressionist” dishes possibly where opposites chase in assonant fun and harmony.


Chinese Food Pairing: Intrepid wine lovers would pair with Green Tea Roast Chicken from Hangzhou Style and “hot pot” of pork with garlic and pepper, DARE! Go forward!


Music Pairing: Domenico Modugno “Sopra i Tetti Azzurri del Mio Pazzo Amore”; Officina Zoè “Yentu”.


Time Sharing:  Alone, with friends, when you feel happy, when you feel sad. At every hour, listening music, looking at a painting, watching a Fellini’s movie, before a sunrise pearl or a fiery sunset. 

Negroamaro is a grape of remote origin grown in southern Puglia since the 6th century B.C., it means literally 'black & bitter' or maybe “black black” and that more or less describes the grape. If you like to  enjoy the pleasures of Italian wine welcome to discover one of  its hundred native grapes and Negroamaro is a typical and individual example. It's a regional specialties but one that is gaining international fame, that's partly because it is simply such great value.

Vineyards: Torre Quarto winery was built by the French Dukes De la Rochefoucauld, in 1847. They had large estates in southern Italy and in the area surrounding Cerignola. It was called “Quarto Ducale” (that means “ducal quarter”), because the estates were a quarter of the Cerignola. Here Dukes railway linked to the nearest station from which leaved for France. The wine was aged in France oaks, over 150 of these (containing each about 290 hl) are still lied in Torre Quarto Cantine. In 1930s the Italian - belgian family Cirillo Farrusi-Bautier Solvay became owner of this winery and renamed it “Torre Quarto” thanks to the ancient tower, part of the whole building. Cirillo Farrusi family began the first producer of Puglia to sell “bottling wines” all over the world. With the passing of time the name “Torre Quarto” became synonym of quality that received a lot of awards, medals and certificates of its excellence and quality.

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