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Monini was founded in Spoleto, Umbria, the green heart of Italy, in the beginning of the past century. For three generation the Monini family has been selecting the highest quality olives and olive mills with excellent storage and production facilities in respect of the best olive growing traditions.


Product Introduction: Monini – Extra virgin Olive Oil – Classico


The taste is unmistakable: perfectly balanced, harmonious, full. With pleasant notes of freshness that recall the smell of freshly cut grass. This is the defining taste: just what you would expect from a true Classico.

Serving suggestions:

In the kitchen this satisfies a variety of taste requirements, bringing harmony to the flavour of sauces, roasts, side dishes and raw in condiments.


Format: 1 liter
Fragrance: fruity, grassy
Density: full bodied
Color: green with golden yellow hues
Acidity: 0.4% (less than half of the maximum allowed by law: 0.8%)


Monini and Umbria

The bond between the Monini family and Umbria is centuries old and indivisible. The "Green Heart of Italy", with its history, its cities, hamlets and monuments, but also with its beautiful green hills and valleys, is the ideal setting to welcome a family, that of the Monini family, which for generations has continued the tradition of quality and authenticity in their products.


The Olive Grove

The olive hills. Forty hectares of agricultural land on the hills overlooking the valley of Spoleto: in this area, almost completely planted with olive trees, is the Frantoiodel Poggiolo.  Of these three hills, the olive grove covers about 25 hectares and has 5,000 olive trees from the old grove, centuries old, and 1,500 olive trees more recently planted.


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