MESETA Summer Promotion


MESETA Summer Promotion

Check it and enjoy MESETA coffee and tea  summer promotions.

From July 15th till October 15th .



Dear Customer,

       In addition to providing high quality Italian coffee Meseta is entering the tea industry by launching a new and exclusive product called the Meseta Tea Solution. The Meseta Tea Solution is a tea machine that offers the newest, most sophisticated choice for your house, office, or restaurant.  Meseta Tea Solution captures and preserves the cultural tradition of the Chinese tea ritual because it uses natural leaves. The tea machine is the newest trend for making good tea in a mare particle and less time consuming way which is essential in these days of rush at home, restaurants, office or meeting rooms. The tea machine not only facilitates the preparation of tea, but also provides a fancy experience that will impress Chinese and international clients.

However Meseta Tea Solution can prepare tea fast, it is way better than the tea powder because it is made of natural leaves. Meseta offers eight different flavors of teas. The flavors were selected by highly skilled professionals in order to find the best tea for our customers. The eight tea flavors are: Green tea, black tea, tea longiing, wuyi tea, rose tea, pu'er tea, jasmine tea, and wulong tea. For each flavor of tea, the intelligent Meseta Tea Solution offers different programs that automatically change the boiling time according to the flavor chosen. Our tea is sold in small capsules that easily adapt to the machine Meseta Tea Solution. Each capsule makes approximately 4/5 cups of tea 110ml each. Besides all the great opportunities described above, the Meseta Tea Solution is a fantastic value for you.


If you are interested in trying our product, you can call us or email us and we can arrange a FREE tea tasting at any time you want!



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