Meseta Shanghai Co., ltd offers original Italian Espresso Coffee Solutions, we have products and services to cover every needing. Our range, in fact, comprehends 6 flavors of coffees in 4 categories (Pods, Capsules, Beans, Grounded), 5 kinds of machines and other side products. Of course, with this variety of product on the same field, we are able to provide and make possible a huge number of different situations. Whether you are thinking about a house, an office, an hotel room, an event, a dinner party, a stand in a fair, a restaurant or a bar, we have the solution to serve a perfect coffee.


Meseta is a Co.ind group brand. Co.ind is an important group into the Italian industrial environment thanks to its 150 millions euro turnover, five production plants all over Italy and six hundred employees. Founded in 1961 in Castel Maggiore (Bologna – Italy), Co.ind today is recognized as one of the most important roasting Italian companies. Coffee is Co.ind core business with eight thousands tons of green coffee roasted every year and five millions of Italian families served with private label products.

Meseta coffee quality is guaranteed by specific quality checks made in every process phase. Co.ind checks begin at the moment of harvesting, in the countries of origin, where the company’s experts carefully select the best green coffees and verify their conformity with predefined standards. Once the coffee has
arrived in Italy, it undergoes additional chemical/physical checks and specific taste tests at the company’s internal laboratory.

Human experience and the employment of modern industrial processes are melted into our company, since 1961, in order to guarantee always the same result: an extraordinary cup of espresso

Every coffee is roasted following a specific roasting curves through sophisticated electronic equipment, so as to bring out its specific characteristics. After it has been expertly blended, the coffee is packed and left to mature in our warehouse. Before it reaches the market it must be approved by an expert panel of tasters.

These steps provide the most reliable quality guarantee for obtaining an extraordinary cup of espresso.

More than six thousands tons of green coffee roasted every year are the guarantee of Co.ind quality.

Our net of distribution is continuing to expand. Our focus now is in China, but soon it will expand to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and then to all Asia. Now we cover Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guandong, Sichuan and Guangxi.

We think that the best way to advertise our product is to let people taste it. Thant’s why we attend a lot of events, and we are planning to reach a rhythm of at least 1 per week between simple sponsorships (providing coffee, machine and service ), booths at fairs, catering at big events, tastings, etc.


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