MAMMAMIA Italian Restaurant


MAMMAMIA! Italian Restaurant


“My son was 13 when he told me : Papà Imiss Napoli,  can you please bring me to a real Pizzeria? Therefore. In 2010 I opened the first “mammamia!” on the Suzhou lake. Now, we haw 7 of them and in each “mammamia!” you open the door to the flavour and atmosphere of a passionate family brusiness: Napoli's culture. with its sounds. colors, tradition and irony, welcomes you” Stefano Micillo, “mammamia!” CEO and, with his wife Daniela Coppola, e signature -the dreamers- of the “mammamia!” dream.



“Mammamia!” is a trip to and through Italy. Delivering a thorough experience of the Italian Culture. We make our Chinese customers feel Italian by recreating the smells, the atmosphere and the food that a true Italian restaurant provides. We bring our Italian customers back home to their mother's cooking “a cucina e mamma”, frank, genuine and unpretentious, by using healthy and authentic Italian food in truthful and traditional recipes: a flavours’ déjà vu


The food's excellence is our first priority and family's passion: not only we select and import from Italy the best products and row materials, but also we have co-designed, with selected producers, our customized recipes and productions. For those ingredients that cannot be imported. we similarly select., co-design and customize with selected premium producers from Asia Pacific. We serve wholesome food. with controlled designation of origin, geographical indications and traditional specialties according to seasons, which taste just geat! Each “mammamia!” features imported, handmade Neapolitan wood burning  ovens [with a cost of 150. 000 RMB each] and all top international brand kitchen and bar equipment. Pasta is cooked “al dente” and the Neapolitan Pizza served with real BuffaloMozzarella. Among our signature dishes: Pizza Margherita, Pasta ‘mmiscat’ e patate, ‘E Rigatoni allo scarpariello, ‘a Parmigianella di mulignane, 'A Sfugliatella Riccia.


In our uniquely designed interiors, interpreting Neapolitan tradition, irony, sober elegance and warmth, our Italian management ensures that you are welcomed with an attentive. caring and competent service. Our menus are provided in Italian, Chinese and English. Among our awards: Acclaim achievement of Shanghai's delegation from the Italian Academy of Cuisine. Quality approved 2012-2013-2014-2015 from Ospitaliatà Italiana (promoted by the Chambers of Commerce), attendance at the 12 ° World Championship of “Pizzaiuolo Napoli” from Naples Pizza Chef Association, certified and accredited Italian Master Pizza Chef (Associazione Verace Pizza Napotetana).



Enjoy, let your senses be amazed and feet at home: we do not sell pizza, we sell emotions!


Venue address: 2/F, 1333 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Changshu Lu

Tel: 5081 0966

Hours: Daily, Lunch, 11:30am-3pm, Dinner, 5:30-10:30