Luciana Rizzo

Luciana Rizzo


Luciana is a young vibrant Italian woman who has been living in china since 2009. She grew up in warm sunny Lecce in southern Italy, the land of delicious Mediterranean food and flavors.


In her hometown many herbs, spices and fruit grow in the wild and walking around you feel you are in a natural heaven of Mediterranean flavors and aromas.


Her love for cooking started in her childhood when she would spend many Sunday mornings learning from and helping her nonna (grandmother) preparing the family Sunday lunch. From her nonna she learned how to make melt in your mouth homemade pasta, exquisite freshly pickled vegetables, delicious tomato sauce, preserved chilies, freshly picked fruit jams and many other typical southern Italian specialties.


She lived in Veneto, a northern Region of Italy, for 10 years and she learnt many culinary specialties from this area as well. At that time she worked in a restaurant for 5 years and from this experience she tried to catch up as much as she could from helping and watching the chef cooking. She wants to share her passion with other people because she believes that cooking is a way to express creativity and passion, to communicate in the same way as talking to people.


For this reason she thinks that there is no one who is not able to do it with simplicity and love. Anyone can be a chef, and create his own dish adding a pinch of personality in each recipe. Fulltime and happy mom and wife she wants now to dedicate some of her free-time to this passion and she will run cooking class to teach you all the recipes that she knows.




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