La Sosta Italian Restaurant




In Italy, the board of “La Sosta” stands by every gas station. It means take a break. It reminds all the Italians of their hometown. Chef Patrzio, the chef and the owner, named his first restaurant in shanghai “La Sosta”


The talented chef, Patrizio was born in South Italy, and immigrated to North with his family when he was 14, same year, he was send to one of the top chef in Italy to study cooking. That made him good at both south and north style of cooking. 4 years later,18 year-old-boy became the personal chef of the cruise tycoon, Lolli Ghetti family. At 20 years old, he has his first restaurant in Monfer rato Hill. Therewith he follows Ferrari team all over Asian, to make sure all the drivers can have the healthy and traditional Italian food.



The first “La Sosta” is located in Hongmei road, Shanghai, stands out after one year with many competitors close by. Patrizio believes “Good wine needs no bush”, the only marketing strategy of the restaurant is offering all the costumers real Italian food and good service. “The pizza here reminds me of my mom’s homemade pizza”, many diners gives high recommends after tasting the food here. Now, “La Sosta” has became the home kitchen of many Itlians.




Patrzio has one goal is making all the Italians who lives abroad feel like eating at home when they come to La sosta. Each branch will have one Italian chef trained by Patrzio, the ingredients are all imported from Italy and be well selected.


La Sosta, respect you, respect the ingredients…


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LA SOSTA: 3219 Hongmei Road, Chengjiaqiao Zhi Road