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KF-Shop is not just a name; Establish in 2011, it is our guiding principle: to provide fresh, tasty and healthy Mediterranean and Italian food directly to your home kitchen. Our selection of food is of the highest quality and is now available in Shanghai and all over China mainland.


KF-Shop is your one-stop shop for finding products for and from the comfort of your home. With the click of your computer, also some fresh food is served. We guarantee foods & beverages  at the maximum quality level and at an unbeatable price.


KF-Shop also allows you to easily buy a large range of high quality products. Dedicated to all people looking for healthy food, food lovers and for your special dinner with family and friends.


Enter our Shop, select your favourite delights and wait for the delivery in your chosen location, with the advantage of a price for quality that does not compare!


We speak and write fluent in English and Chinese, and we always try to accommodate any new request and needs too. We are here to help, and we hope you will contact us with any questions or suggestions that you would like to share. You can depend on KF-Shop.