The International Day of Italian Cuisines


The International Day of Italian Cuisines


You may think Italian restaurants are everywhere in Shanghai, but some of them are not authentic, so is the situation in other places of the world.

The International Day of Italian Cuisines IDIC, which was held in January 17th this year, was born as a reaction against the forgery of Italian products and Italian cuisine. The purpose of the event is to protect the rights of the consumers to get authentic Italian cuisine when they go to eat in restaurants labeled as “Italian”.

But their aim is not to go against the creativity and innovation of some kitchens, they just want to let others understand that when the name of “Italian cuisine” is used, then their dishes must be prepared with traditional Italian receipts.

Thousands of chefs and Italian food lovers join the IDIC every year. This tradition has been created by itchefs-GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs), a network of about 2000 chefs working in 70 different countries.

This year the IDIC has reached his 10th edition, which is an exceptional accomplishment.


Pizza Margherita as an Art Pizza (Pizza d’autore)

For this year, the high-quality Italian pizza has been chosen as the official IDIC’s plate. There will be admitted only the pizzas Margherita that will follow the STG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) and the Art pizzas on condition that the Italian dough is respected even though the topping is left to the creativeness of the chef.

Besides from the marks D.O.P. (di origine protetta - of protected origin) and I.G.P. (indicazione geografica protetta - geographical indication protected) the European Community made a new mark supporting the real Neapolitan pizza. This new mark ensures the provenance and the receipt of this product, S.T.G - traditional specialty guaranteed. To make an STG pizza it’s required to use certain ingredients and certain methods of production.


                       Pizza Margherita                                               Pizza Marinara


Why Pizza?

“Because pizza is the clever expedient that opens all the ways to the Italian chefs, to the restaurants, to the Italian food art in the world”, said Mario Caramella, the President of the online Forum GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs) in Dubai, during the Italian Cuisine World Summit.


              Start-shaped Art pizza                              

                 Pizza with speck and spring onion



The real pizza is Italian!

The choice of the pizza is a way to reaffirm the Italian leadership on a dish that was born in Italy and that has to be maintained to the high Italian levels. The insertion of the Art Pizza as a possible option to propose the 17th of January is for reclaiming the Italian primacy of the “research” in the contemporary pizza.



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