How to cook Risotto alla Milanese?


How to cook Risotto alla Milanese?


Risotto, is an Italian specialty, that is in fact the dominant staple in some northern regions, where it is often preferred over pasta. Cultivated in Lombardy, Piedmonte, and the Veneto, risotto can be traced as far back as the eleventh century, when the short grain we know as risotto today was brought to Italy from the Far East.


Simple, yet somewhat time consuming to prepare, this dish is economical and very versatile. You could in fact eat a different risotto recipe every day of the year, and not run out of flavor choices. Although the cooking time may vary with the rice used, or the temperature it is cooked over, risotto is done when each individual grain remains slightly firm to the bite. Although the number of recipes for risotto are endless, the basic cooking technique remains the same for each.


Through the video, you will know how to cook Risotto alla Milanese.




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