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Ciao! We are Food Vending China, but you can call us FVC. Our company, founded by Mr. Nicola Coppi, is operating in the Chinese market since 2006. We are renowned for producing Western food using traditional recipes and original (of course) a little Italian passion...
FVC operates through 8 brands:


Professional channel:

   - Dorando Food Service


Retail channel:

   - Nicola Coppi

   - The Pie Company

   - Tuck Shop Pies

   - Cherie&Chantal

   - Auntie Ginny’s

   - Amphora

   - Sacla’



But.. Let’s discover our Italian favorites…



Born in 2010, the Brand has the name of our Founder, and includes a large selection of Italian traditional favourites such as pizza, pasta and gelato, following authentic Nico’s family’s recipes (Nico was born in Modena, a famous City for Pavarotti, Ferrari and…Lasagna).


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Let’s start from 1939: Saclà’s history begins in Piedmont, the gastronomic heart of Northern Italy.  Since then Saclà remains a family owned and run business making real Italian food with care and love. Saclà is worldwide famous for its Pesto, Pasta Sauces and Antipasti.

From 2015, FVC in cooperation with the Italian brand Saclà has started the production of Tomato & Meat Sauces for the Chinese market.



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FVC also provides Ready Meal Directly to Your Office!


What you need is just a fork & knife…

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