First "SAICAF" in China





Housed in a spectacular old brick structure in the heart of the city, the celebrated Italian Caffé, SAICAF, will be brewing the most authentic Italian coffee in Shanghai.


SAICAF THE COMPANY SAICAF imports the row material directly from the countries of the entire equatorial zone creating a series of blends destined to satisfy consumers´ tastes all around the world, providing one of the richest selections in the field.


An activity started “Eighty Years” ago and four business generations following one another, SAICAF continues to demonstrate the passion and excellence in their coffee, hence, “IL Caffé” meaning “THE Coffee” has always been the motto and family tradition over the years. SAICAF is now putting five million kilograms of roasted coffee onto the market every year. These are the numbers together with the strong aroma of its roasted coffee that characterize Saicaf S.P.A. (joint-stock company) which was founded in 1932 in Bari, to become one of the top ten Italian companies producing coffee and largely present on the domestic and international market. SAICAF is the market leader in Puglia both in the domestic field and in the commercial business and is the first Italian company using automatic machines to process coffee.


For over eighty years, SAICAF has been continuing to keep the quality of its products to the highest standard marking breaks and moments of good mood of its consumers.


THE PRODUCTS With a focus on 100% Arabic Bean, SAICAF put behind a cup of coffee with extensive and complex hard works so as to produce the highest quality coffee. When it just reaches the SAICAF plant, the row coffee bean undergoes a series of qualitative tests with the classic technique of tasting aiming at verifying taste, colour and odour; this is a fundamental step in order to guarantee the high quality of the finished product. What makes SAICAF coffee definitely “exclusive” in the Italian circle is the ancient blending operation between the different coffee varieties, Arabic and Strong, which gives the product those extraordinary characteristics of fullness, softness and intensity.


THE CAFE FROM BARI, the seaside town along the north eastern Adriatic Coast of Italy, SAICAF brings the heritage and traditions of freshly brewed coffee and time-honored, Italian coffee making methods with a broad selection of Italian pastries and confections in a modern and elegant atmosphere. The incredible drink & Food menu has been created by world-renowned Italian Baristas who have spent decades fine-tuning their skills in the Coffee Bar of Italian caffé across Europe and Italy.


"SAICAF" Italian Caffe'

35 Shanxi Nan Rd, near Changle Rd

Tel: +86 (21) 6208.6981