Finally, people can walk on water!


Finally, People Can Walk on Water!


Since Jesus walking on water, people never stopped to looking a way to replicate this Miracle, but most of them can only do it in their imagination.


If you want to run on water, you have to run as fast as the flash to make it happen (some said minimum number is 30m/s, but it may be faster).


Though a man/woman cannot do it by his/her own power, there are always alternatives for walking on water, such as bridges.



However, Artist Christo tried a better way; he started the Floating Pier Project to make feeling of “Walking on water” more real.



The Floating Piers are located on the beautiful Lake Iseo (Northern Italy), the hometown of the great Grana Padano Cheese.




The following video is the review of the whole construction. Still think it's easy?



"The Floating Piers" cost €15 million to create, and was made from 200,000 floating orange cubes. Impressed?


Although the opening is delayed due to the rain, but the three-kilometers (1.9-mile) undulating path made of 200,000 floating cubes has proved a major hit with the public since it opened on Lake Iseo in June. 





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