Don't get addicted to the Italian accent!


Don't get addicted to the Italian accent!


Forbes magazine has compiled a list ranking the world’s most unfaithful places…and Italy is only No.3. Why not No.1? You may find the answer in this video.



Yes, that’s classic Italian guys. Well, it may be a little overstated. Although Italians may have a good appearance, the accent could be the most powerful weapon of them to get a date. A month ago, “The Independent” carried out a survey for revealing what the best European accents are. The results showed that the Italian accent is considered to be the most beautiful by exactly 25% out of 1000 participants of the survey.



So, why are Italian accents so charming?

First of all, most people believe it’s very romantic. When listening to an Italian person speaking you really cannot avoid to smile and think of Italian films, food, beautiful cities and warm weather.

Then it’s easy to understand. Italians tend to stress the consonants when speaking English or any other foreign language, they sharpen all the sounds more than necessary. It’s very typical for Italians to put an extra vowel at the end of every word ending with a consonant. All this may sounds quite strange for a non-Italian but it makes the speech of Italians sounds very clear.

It’s also melodious and sweet. They talk in a sweet, alluring and childish way. It’s rhythmic, in fact when Italians speak a foreign language it may seems that they are singing.

In the survey that has been carried out the Italian accent was first of all rivaled by another language commonly considered as “the language of love”: French, that got 23% of the votes. Irish, Spanish, and Swedish accents have reached the top 5 as well.


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