Don't forget Salento


Don't forget Salento


Recently it is snowing in different cities in Italy, even in Sicily, the southmost point of Italy. If you want to visit Italy, it is be a perfect time to go because it different from what you expect!

The boot heel: this is Salento (its capital is Lecce) in Italy. It is located at the southern end of Puglia (Apulia) region, between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. The Salento and its beautiful capital Lecce.



This is the scenery in this winter.



Summer is also beautiful in Salento.



The Salento and its beautiful Captial Lecce, in the last fifteen years has had a massive tourism increase and the province has become one of the most popular part of Italy by foreign travelers.




One of the Salento’s distinguishing features is its cuisine. Salento boasts an ancient wine and food tradition, passed down from generation to generation, keeping in time delicious dishes that make this land even more distinctive.



Fave nette is one of the typical dishes of Salento culinary tradition and comes from the farmer tradition.







Ciciri e tria is pasta and chickpeas dish.










The scapece is a dish with medieval origins, thought from the particular need of having to store food for long periods.






In Salento the horse meat is a delicacy and the summer food festivals are the opportunities to enjoy this specialty in many versions, like the “pezzetti di cavallo” (pieces of horse) meat on the grill or in sandwiches.





“Negro Amaro”, “Niuru Maru”, “Nero Leccese”...the Negroamaro is a grape variety known with different names, but  with a unique taste, it is appreciated throughout Italy and abroad. Wines made from Negroamaro have an intense ruby-dark garnet red color, with almost black tones.



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