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Dolce Colle (Shanghai) Wine Trading Company Ltd is the China subsidiary of three reputable Italian wine producers, set up to bring their best wines to China, without the intermediation of local importers, whose wines selections are often arguable, inadequately informed and mostly dictated by economic considerations, rather than quality assessments.


Named after the historical wine store of one of our wineries, in a little village of Italy’s Oltrepò Pavese wine territory, of which it was once the main, if not only, outlet, Dolce Colle is today a Consortium of three Italian wineries, united by the quality of their products and by a modern, enterprising business philosophy. It is an alliance conceived to expand the knowledge of Italian wines worldwide. It is a new challenge to the global wine market, presenting an interesting variety of typical products from three areas of Italy, traditionally linked to the culture of grape-growing and winemaking: Lombardy, Sardinia and Tuscany.


Dolce Colle is the unity of intent of Torrevilla, in Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardy (the region of Milan, famous for fashion, great wines, food and football), Giogantinu, in Gallura, Sardinia (the largest island of the Mediterranean sea and most trendy tourist destination in Europe, for its beautiful beaches and irresistible wines and seafood specialties) and Castello di Oliveto, in Chianti, Tuscany (the region of Florence, with its highest concentration of arts in the world, the world’s number one tourist destination and the world’s capital of gourmet food and wines).




History - Once a traditional wine bar, or Osteria, as it was called in those days, originally run in a little wine village of the hilly Oltrepò Pavese wine territory, in Lombardy, south of Milan, Dolce Colle has today made a big jump, across the ocean, landing in China. How big a jump can only be understood when considering that Osteria’s like Dolce Colle where once made for poor people and farmers, in Italy, at the times when the best wines were only destined to export and only low grade wines were left for local consumption. These were days when life was tough, and drinking wine at the Osteria, was the only consolation for men, after a hard day of work, under the sun or snow, in the most difficult conditions.


Long time has passed since then. Osteria’s have been replaced by modern wine bars, and have moved to trendy districts of Milan, Rome and Venice, crowded in the happy hours and weekends by Italian yuppies and visitors, from all over the world, anxious to experience the famous Italian lifestyle. Drinks served there must live up to the reputation of Italy as the producer of the best wines in the world.