Do Wine Glasses Really Matter?


Do wine glasses really matter?


You don’t have to use a mug for coffee; however, you have to find out why and how to select the ideal wine glass for your personal drinking preferences for the best tasting experience.

Back to the ancient time, there is a Chinese poem said that you have to use a special container for wine.

In west countries, ancient people used different “glasses” for wine, and even some said Jesus once drank wine with wood cup.



There are iron (or other metals) ones too.


Venice wine glasses are also famous.


Even nowadays, we have crystal wine glasses and normal wine glasses.

Why people take glasses so seriously? Bottom-line, if you know glasses, you will, at least, look like an expert. And according to popular theories, different materials of “glasses” and glass shapes will affect the feeling of wine tasting. So let's see what kind of glasses is best for you.



Well, so many glasses are invited, and even the same shape of glasses varied in types. Fortunately, we don't have to know all of them. 


2 main styles of white wine glasses emphasize maintaining a cool temperature and/or delivering aromas.

There are several styles of red wine glasses depending on the styles of wines.





Have you noticed the differences of these glasses? Those differences come from tannin, acidity levels and etc.











Last but not least, here are also glasses for sparkling wines (such as prosecco) and dessert wines.








Everybody should try the same wine out of different glasses at least once...

Yeah, glasses are not only for wines...

And people can even play music with it!



So after watching the video, can you identify which glass the man used?


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