DA MARCO FINE FOOD Co., Ltd. embodies this dream. Spread on a surface of more than 4800 m2, Marco’s dedication to his guests can be perceived in every corner of this highly advanced food processing plant.


DA MARCO FINE FOOD offers fresh-made cakes, pastry delicacies, excellent Italian imported desserts Bindi, and also deep-frozen Italian traditional dishes for daily home consume and a different line for coffee-shops and much more.



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High compliance to Chinese QS standards and International HACCP, obsessive attention to keep the highest hygiene standards and the use of advanced equipments, matched with the hard work of our international experts’ team, is certainly a meaningful way to show Marco’s commitment to all of you.


Phone: +86 (21) 3303.0750
Adress: 2399 South Lianhua Rd., Bld. 2B, Shanghai, 201108 CHINA




Da MARCO is also fun!