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Brunello di Montalcino DOCG "BIONDI SANTI"


My name is Griselda. I work with Da Marco Fine Food for more than 3 years now  in sales and marketing.
Before to get familiar with the food business I have always been involved in the agri-food sector starting to collaborate with one of the most important,  if not the most important wine company in Tuscany, the Biondi Santi family as Brand Ambassador for Jacopo Biondi Santi Castello di Montepo and few years later with the Biondi Santi Tenuta Greppo.
Passion and knowledge for Italian wine brought  me to be involved also in Italian food. A perfect marriage.

Thanks to this,  In this article I want to introduce to you an  important wine: Brunello di Montalcino.
Montalcino is in Tuscany at about 40 km away from Siena.
A small village on the hill, full of history,  natural beauty  and art where this amazing wine comes from.
The name of Montalcino comes from a mysterious origin. Some think it comes from Mons Lucinus, a mountain dedicated to the Roman Goddess Lucina ( Giunone) others think come from Mountain Ilcinus ( Mountain of Lecci - holms) because of the strong presence of holms.
Only 15% of the total territory of about 25.000 hectares  is occupied by vineyards.

Montalcino, thanks to its location, it has a very suitable climate. It is located between the Central Appennino and the Mediterranean sea, precipitation are concentrated mainly in the spring season and late autumn.
It has a Mediterranean  climate particularly dry. The level in mid hill rarely are subject to fog, ice, and thanks to the  presence of wind it  guarantees  a perfect climate for the health of the vineyards.
The quality of Brunello is born in the vineyards  through a manual meticulous job from the dry pruning  to the choice of the best fruit, from the containment of vegetation to the thinning of the bunches, to obtain at the end the best bunches.


Brunello di Montalcino is produced with 100% Sangiovese grapes. The disciplinary fixs the max production of  grape by hectares has to be lower than 80 ( about 52 hl/ha of wine) The placing  on the market must happen January 1st of the fifth year after the harvest. During this period the wine must remain at least 2 years in wood oak, and at least 4 months of aging in bottles and 6 months for Riserva, that enter on the market one year later.

Talking about Brunello di Montalcino we cannot skip talking of the first inventor of this precious wine.




Harvest started in on Septmber 10 with cold and dry weather. Grapes were healthy with thick skins rich in colour. The  must reach in sugar, extracts and acidity with a medium – low pH. Vinification in Red under controlled temperature, the wine was drawn off after 15 days. Produced from Sangiovese Grosso vines between 10-25 years of age. Aged in Slovenian Oak barrels for 36 months, colour intense ruby red
bouquet complex with hints of whitered rose. Taste harmonic and well structured, warm and perfect balance between tannins and acidity, savoury and persistent.
Longevity 30-40 years
Serving temperature 18 degree

The family Biondi Santi in fact was the very first family who in late 18 century invented the first Brunello di Montalcino giving their family name to it.
It is a passage of important generations that started in 1888 when Ferruccio Biondi Santi choses one variety of Sangiovese  in purity and created a special clone named it  Sangiovese Grosso.
Since than till nowadays Biondi Santi family at Tenuta Greppo is continuing the production and the development  of Brunello remove di keeping a very strict control on the quality. It was Tancredi Biondi Santi son of Ferruccio who typified Brunello, setting the guidelines for the production discipline and introducing it to the international markets competing with high quality French wines already existing at that time. Today Tenuta Greppo is run by Franco Biondi Santi who is following strict traditional methods of agronomy and cellar practices and has produced till now unbeatable collection of Riservas equal to the 100 year-old Brunellos of the past still existing with high quality standards in the Biondi Santi private cellars.


The Greppo extends on about 152 hectars of land of which 47hectars at Il Greppo, and 105 hectares of I Pieri  25 hectares are cultivated to Sangiovese Grosso and the remaining are for olives groves and wooded area. The vineyards altitude is from 385 to 507 meter above sea level.
Current production is 80000 bottles including about 10000 bottles of Riserva only made during exceptional harvest. Harvest begin in mid September and it is done exclusively by hand.

"Riserva" is produced with vineyards of  over 25 years, "Annata" is produced with vineyards from 10 to 25 years age, and below 10 years they produce Rosso di Montalcino.

by Griselda Legnaioli, Brand Ambassador "BIONDI SANTI".