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The Beretta family started the business on 5 May 1812 “during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte”, and have since remained in the meat processing branch, handing down the passion fo the industry from father to son. Today the Group is headed by the family’s sixth generation. The company’s development is due to brothers Mario and Felice Beretta who, after having fought in the World War I, began their adventure in 1920 by opening a butcher shop with a delicatessen in their native Barzanò.


1812 with a notarial deed, the first meat processing shop is founded in Barzanò.


1920 Felice and Mario Beretta open a butcher shop and delicatessen and transform the meat processing shop into an industry in step with the times.


1921-60 Production and commercial activities develop as Beretta cold cuts are distributed in new Italian regions.


1960-65 Following the success of the first supermarkets, Giuseppe and Vittore Beretta expand production activity by investing and diversifying the production of pre-packaged cold cuts.


1965-70 The commercial side of business is developed through the prominent retail channel; Beretta is among the first companies to develop the channel, advertise the new packaged meats and spread awareness of the products by participating in major international fairs.


1976 The first plant in Italy is established, specialising in the production of frankfurters under the brand Wuber.1990-2000 The conquest of foreign markets: in 1996 the historic Barzanò headquarters moves to Trezzo sull’Adda (MI), a strategic crossroads of connections with new acquired markets.


1997 a production facility is acquired in New Jersey, USA.


2007 The expansion of Market presence and production capacity in USA is completed with the acquisition of Busseto Food located in California.


2012 Beretta proudly celebrate 200 year of Activity under the control of the Beretta Family.


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