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Italian Olive Oil



Our History
We are cooperatives of Italian olive growers
who joined together in the 1950s.
Our mission is to preserve the heritage
of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the cultivation
of olives on small family farms in rural Italy.
As majority shareholders in the Bellucci
brand, which was launched in 2013,
we own 66% of the company.



Our Brand
With the application of our proprietary
state-of-the art technology, we:
• Set new standards for transparency and documentation
so consumers have unprecedented access to the origin
of the EVOO.
• Achieve unprecedented quality assurance protocols
for freshness, flavor and authenticity.
• Provide products with highest possible nutritional
content and value.
• Bring recognition and sustainable income
to small-scale growers whose practices support
the health of the planet.
• Educate consumers about olive oil and the importance
of region, climate and freshness for outstanding
extra-virgin flavor.



Meeting the Challenges of the Olive Oil Industry
and Welcoming Consumer Trends

The American public is keenly aware of olive oil
fraud and is increasingly demanding truth in labeling.
US consumers are seeking detailed information
about the origin of the food they purchase.
Products from small-scale, non-industrial growers
are in increasing demand.
The demand for “all-natural”, “local" and “organic”
now extends to products that are humane, sustainable
and environmentally sound in both global and
regional contexts.