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AMORE Fine Italian Wine



Founded in 2005, AmoreWine is the first Italian owned Importer and Distributor of Fine Italian Wines in China.


Portfolio: Exclusively focused on wines from Italy, the Selection covers all wine-relevant regions and it is the result of a careful research of unique products from boutique family owned wineries.


Product Placement: AmoreWine pays great attention to product placement, focusing 100% on channel particularly oriented on Italian Wine sales.


Customer Service: Well-known in the market for the support and after-sale service provided to clients, the Company is proud to help the development of Italian Wines and Italian Culture in China.


Therefore, AmoreWine organizes every year, for clients and wine lovers, wine tour to discover Italian wonders and beauties.


Italian wine is a whole universe of feeling, it is a lifestyle, it is “La Dolce Vita”, it is the spirit of enjoying life with people you love.


AmoreWine, We love Italian Wines!