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Why Organic?


• What is organic?
Organic produce is grown naturally and traditionally, without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. It is free of genetically modified organisms or any additives. Organic farming thus ensures healthy produce that is free of any harmful substances for the human body. It is also guarantees that the land and its surrounding environment are respected at all stages of production.


• Health and environmental benefits of organic.
Organic food is what’s best for human wellbeing, regardless of age and fitness. It is more nutritious, better tasting, and much healthier than conventionally grown produce. Because organic food is free of any harmful chemical substances or genetically modified organisms, it nourishes while respecting the natural functions of the body. It is understood that an organic diet dramatically reduces the risk of contracting lethal and chronic diseases. As the conservation of our planet is becoming an increasingly pressing issue, organic production comes as a solution to the problem. By promoting and enhancing biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity, organic agriculture helps restore previous damage and ensure a better environment for generations present and future.


Why Alce Nero™?
-   Alce Nero™ brings you the best of Italian cuisine - healthier ingredients, faster cooking. Alce Nero™ is traditionally produced in Italy. All products are fully organic-certified.

-   Alce Nero™ offers you a wide range of pasta, fresh tomato sauce, 100% pure organic honey, extra virgin olive oil, apple vinegar...
-   Taste the superiority and freshness in your dishes, as you  would with freshly cooked ingredients.


What does Certified organic mean?
The organic certification is endorsed by the local government to ensure that all organic processes are strictly adhered to. The consumers are assured that they are buying authentic organic food. All Alce Nero™ products are 100% organic certified by CCPB, the European Organic Certifier in Italy, with the serial number of approval printed on the labels. Partial products are also Chinese certified.




Durum Wheat Pasta: Durum wheat pasta is traditional pasta, with best quality from Alce Nero™. It has a low glycemic index,provides long-lasting energy with easy digestion, and is high in proteins.

Available in spaghetti, fusilli, penne, linguine and tagliatelle.



Kid’s Pasta Shape: Kid’s pasta series came in different fun shapes make them appealing to most kids. Smaller pasta shapes are also easy to swallow. Cook with vegetable soup and diced meat is usually loved by most.

Available in alphabet, animal and mini star shape



Whole Wheat Pasta: Whole wheat pasta is very nutritious pasta. The whole wheat pasta is good for digestion, richer in fibers, has very low glycemic index (long lasting energy) and is higher in proteins and minerals. This whole wheat pasta is very good to maintain a healthy bowel, as fiber helps to remove toxins.

Available in spaghetti and penne.



Tricolor Pasta: Tricolor pasta is in three colors, green, white and red, which represent the Italian flag colors. The colors are contributed from spinach (green) and tomato (red), so it is free from colorings, but also delicious and nutritious.

Available in spaghetti, fusilli and mini pipe rigate.




Balsamic vinegar: Alce Nero™ balsamic Vinegar of Modena is produced according to traditional methods. Using organic Italian grapes concentrate and aged in barrels for more than 25 years, it is the revered Italian touch for many dishes including salad dressings, omelettes or even ice cream toppings.


Extra-virgin olive oil: Alce Nero™ extra-virgin olive oil is of controlled origin, that is, only from the best selected olives in Sicily. It has a very powerful flavor, and can be used for all salads, light frying or even taken on its own. The best and purest olive oil that is rich in vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6 which is known for its benefits in heart health.


Apple cider vinegar: Alce Nero™ apple cider vinegar is a very fruity vinegar, commonly used for salad seasoning together with olive oil. It can also be used to boost digestion by drinking a tablespoon of vinegar diluted into water. Its fruity apple taste is ideal as it is more palatable to drink.



Alce Nero™ tomato puree is made only with ripe, fresh crushed tomatoes and used as an ingredient. There is no added salt, thickeners or any other additives. Their taste is pleasantly sweet and the light acidity of the tomatoes from the Po River area in Italy is perfect for all sorts of dishes: European or Asian.

Available in smooth tomato puree, tomato puree with basil; Tomato with basil, Arrabiata and Napoletana pasta sauce.



Pure honey is known to carry natural antibacterial qualities that is excellent for dressing wounds, easing sore throat and promoting healing. Alce Nero™ honey is pure and natural, and prepared without the use of pesticides and chemical additives, that helps to retain health-giving nutrients essential for the well-being of the body. Honey is also a great source of energy, you can use them in sandwiches as a sweetener or in warm water and with a teaspoon of apple vinegar.

Available in Acacia Honey, Wildflower Honey and Orange Honey.




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