Business establishment and development


.Opening a restaurant or a venue from scratch    According with your idea, build up, in the right Chinese market direction, our new venue .Activity  set up and legal advice    To clearly understand legal procedures and responsibilities, as well as protect your interests in the best way: choosing professionals to establish your company and getting legal advice. .Location finder   Our team of real estate agents swarms the city finding for you the best place for your coming business. Knowing pros and cons of a location is often the key point of the business. .Business plan   We can help you to set your targets and costs so not to get unpleasant surprises later. .Suppliers list   Shorten the time of your initial research, we can provide you a list of suppliers and contacts for any category of F&B product. .Staff training     - We organize training courses for your staff, including training period in the kitchen for starting up a menu and chefs/pizzas.   - Found and manage professional staff as Executive Chef, Outlet Manager, Chief Bartender. .Acquisition of existing F&B activities   If you have decided to set up a venue in Shanghai, you may want to consider initial costs and the whole process of licensing and set up. In some cases it may be worth to acquire an existing activity, and transform it according to plans.